the Wharton Movie Studio Museum project gets a four-page writeup in the Ithaca Times. Click here.


TZA and A+A - What a Team!

Todd Zwigard is currently working closely with Jason Otero and Joe Lamarre of Art + Anthropology, located in Ithaca, NY, to design
a multi-site exhibit for the City of Ithaca that promises to be a must-see event this fall. Produced by Connie Bruce and Diana Riesman of Ithaca Motion Picture Project, the exhibit occurs at eight different public sites in and around Ithaca that will delight visitors with historical photos, artifacts and anecdotes about Ithaca's role in the booming silent movie business of the early twentieth century.

To find out more about this exciting event go to www.ithacamotionpictureproject.org


TZA wins commission

Todd Zwigard Architects has been selected to design an addition to the rear of the historic Cayuga Heights Village Court, known as Marcham Hall. The Village requires additional space for a new jury room and handicapped accessible toilet facilities. Construction is expected to begin in the early Fall.

TZA has unveiled their design for the Auburn Doubleday's Baseball "Wall of Fame"  to be constructed in Falcon Park.  The design has received unanimous approval from the Board of Directors and will be constructed this summer.  The monument is dedicated to the citizens of Auburn by the Working Families of the Cayuga Central Labor Council.  Todd Zwigard stated that the design is intended to capture the spirit and history of minor league baseball and will display bronze plaques of great players and contributors to Doubleday's history.

"TZA selected as architects for design of a new museum in Ithaca, NY.  Proposed plan involves a major renovation of the original Wharton Brothers Silent Film Studio in Stewart Park, now used by the City's Department of Public Works."

click here for more information http://www.tompkinshosting.com/tompkinsweekly/TompkinsWeekly110523.pdf#page=1