(site + program) x (idea + technology) = architecture

Great design has no formula, and inspiration comes differently with every project. But it can be achieved consistently, as evidenced by our body of work, through applying a methodology of analysis, exploration and synthesis that we have refined over nearly three decades of making architecture.

The variety of our many design solutions stems directly from understanding and celebrating the unique parameters of each design challenge. We remain committed to the idea that the most inspiring and enduring designs evolve through a process of original research, innovative thinking and collaborative inquiry.

Our clients directly benefit from our dedication to the craft of building and our willingness to engage in the process of seeking out the very best ideas for them.


Define and prioritize the goals of the project
Explore the potential of the goals
Seek inspiration from within the peculiarities of the project
Create solutions unique to the context
Select materials and technologies that reinforce the formal concept
Simplify and clarify the expression
Distill the formative idea to its essence
Craft the realization of the idea as appropriate to time and budget without compromising the formative idea

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